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Entrada a la Sala Werner Thöni Artspace, Centro internacional de arte emergente, Barcelona
Quienes somos
Jaume Font working in his plastic instalation Jump to the limits
Cultural events in Werner Thöni Artspace Barcelona


From 2013 through 2019, Werner Thöni Artspace (WTA) was an open venue for experimentation, production and exhibition of emerging contemporary art in Barcelona, Spain.

During these years, WTA offered for free a three- or six-month residency for international artists, including a studio space and a public exhibition of their work. The residency program was a project founded by Swiss artist Werner Thöni.

Since COVID-19 pandemic, WTA is exclusively used by Werner Thöni and the artist collective Adversorecto as their art studio.





















Werner Thöni Artspace (WTA)
C/Legalitat 49 - Bajos 1ª, 08024 Barcelona, Spain





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