My Black Paintings. An installation and five paintings.

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My Black Paintings

My Black Paintings

My Black Paintings


Rendered exhibit

The body of work "My Black Paintings" - a sizeable installation and five large-format paintings - is a meta-artistic project that approaches and re-signifies European painting from the 9th to the 19th century by contextualizing it in a contemporary setting both in terms of conceptual treatment and as visual language and technical execution.

The installation that gives its name to the whole project consists of 162 pages from a book with art reproductions from the Prado Museum, each treated with spray paint. It examines into different questions of classical painting, such as the idiosyncrasy of its protagonists, the composition of the pieces or the chromaticism employed. It does so by focusing on the painting's essential elements, the faces, seen from a frontal or three-quarters perspective, cut out and framed in a square that stands out on the surface painted in black, alluding to the action of tagging a person on Facebook or other social network sites.

The five paintings, all on Dutch linen, take a contemporary approach of appropriation and re-signification to the subject, thus nullifying its historical context. Some of the book pages of My Black Painting installation are like the pillar of a new creation. They reconstruct the work they represent in a minimalist style, respecting its proportions, orientation and compositional structure, achieving much more than just a narrative recreation. The incorporation of selfies and other photographs from Internet completes the process, creating a new image with strong formal connection to works by artists like Joseph Beuys, Berlinde De Bruyckere and Phyllida Barlow.


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