Werner Thöni - Swiss visual artist, curator and graphic designer based in Barcelona, founding director of Werner Thöni Artspace and founding member of the artist collective Adversorecto.

4|4 (4bar4) - his most recent project.






"I create my projects through a process of artistic research that leaves behind a multitude of by-products. I know my starting point – what the idea is, the initial reflection or whatever it is that begins my process – but I have no idea where I'm going to end up. Of course, when I arrive, I know the result is exactly what I was looking for. I work through a semi-conscious process in which the free association of ideas plays an indispensable role. It is like sailing at night through a winding river: suddenly ideas or images illuminated by a lighthouse emerge, and I have to get them on board. The elements fit together perfectly, even though I do not always know fully by what logic.

I use any and every medium – be it drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video or installation – whatever means that suit the expressive needs of the project I am working on, although I feel myself above all a draftsman and painter. I see myself as a postmodern conceptual artist with a longing for the rigorous dimensionality of the old masters and the gestural outlines of an Antoni Tàpies.

Recently I have been particularly interested in the work of
obscurity. I mean by this the will to hide, to bring to light only a part of reality; to distort, overlap, join, cut, and cover as a means to create new relations between ideas, different emotional-intellectual impacts, and divergent readings. I have always thought of painting as pure deception and art in general as a lie. Only the last brushstroke is seen, the final product, and not what is beneath, what has happened before … and before before. Art is a pure lie, an act that has no need or pretense of being proven by facts. And is it not the case that through lying one comes to the truth?"






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